Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter 14

There are many important aspects when writing a paper. One of these is repitition. When we write it's important to maintain the same layout, font size and design throughout your paper. This not only makes the paper more appealing but also keeps the reader interested. If you wrote a paper that didnt maintain a continious layout, the reader may be turned off immediately. 

When I think of layout the first thing that pops in my mind is alignment. We use alignment to make sure everything matches down the left and right sides of the paper. If we did not align the columns things would look out of place and all over. We also align columns to make it easier to read, you can see exactly where paragraphs begin and end.

Writers also use various styles and sizes of font when writing papers. Writers use different sizes to seperate tiltles and headlines from the body of the paper. The titles and headlines are often put in bold to better seperate them from the rest of the paper. It allows the reader to quickly find what the article is about. Different styles of font are also used depending on the audience and intended message of the paper. The writer will choose different styles based on their preferences. Its always important to maintain consistency when choosing fonts to maintain a good look throughout.

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