Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shhhh, listen.

People often have so much to say they forget to listen. I found an article that touches on listening and its benefits. The first topic is to concentrate when you listen. People often listen but also think about other tasks while listening. When doing this type of listening we may miss key points that the person is trying to convey. When listening we must concentrate on what the person is saying so we can walk away with accurate infromation.

When listening to a person talk, dont make early judgements. When people make early judgements they may lose interest in what is being said no matter the importance. Hear the person out and you may be surprised at what they have to say.

Another important thing is to ask questions. This will not only clear up any doubts you may have but will also pull more out of the person doing the speaking. By doing this we may walk away with more infromation than intended. Listening is a very important task in any jib. By following some simple guidelines, people can be great listeners and carry more away from the conversation.

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