Thursday, November 10, 2011

Foreigners vs. Native workers

According to this article, foreigners are recovering from the recession faster than native workers. While native workers unemployment rate went up (1.2 million jobs lost), foreign workers unemployment rate went down (gained 656,000 jobs). The reason for this, immigrant workers are more acceptable to the lower- skilled, lower wage jobs that are offered. They need to send money back home. Any means they can find to get this done, is the avenue they will take. Even if this means accepting a low-paying job. Looks like their sites are more on making the money instead of how much they make.

In the society we live, luxury items are rather important. I look for the best paying job so I can have the best toys. But like the song goes, "Mo money, mo problems". My job search is very stressful. THe jobs that I pursue are more often than not, out of my league. Why? I want to make great money. I should take lessons from foreign workers, take that lower paying job and set the luxuries aside for now. Get my foot in the door and work my way up. Maybe I should rethink my thought process and the job hunt would not be so stressful.

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