Monday, November 14, 2011

Gathering information

In Chapter 6, it discusses gathering reasearch. This is a crucial second step. It's important to gather resources before we start writing to become more knowledgeable about your topic. This will also help gather a starting point. The fisrt step is to decide what information you want to find. When you decide, you can narrow your search and find the information that pertains to your article.

Once you know what information you want to find you need to be sure this is the information you want to pass on to the reader. Does this information reflect your message? Will it convey the information to the reader? You want to be sure your resources are " relevant and credible". If the information is not relevant, you can very easily get off track. This could turn the reader away and influence your credibility. It's important for your research to be relevant.

Lastly, when gathering information, you must follow ethic guidelines. When data is gathered, we must be sure that the information does not need others permission to use. This could be in the form of a patent, trademark or copyright law. These laws can range from using a companies name or slogan to copying anothers work. Another important aspect is crediting the sources your ideas came from. Your information you gather will most likely come from another source. When you grab somebody elses idea, you must document where that idea came from. Following these guidelines will help ensure you gather the right information.

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