Saturday, November 19, 2011

The impact of the Occupy Protesters

This article discusses what the furture of the Occupy movement could hold. We have all seen it on TV, the police vs. the protesters. This is becoming an all common scene. People who are trying to stand up for "income inequality" are constantly being punished for their actions, so it seems. With the unemployment rate so high the protesters have nothing but time. The effects of the movement could last for quite some time. IS anything being done? It seems the White house is becoming a little more interested. They are beginning to dicuss the matter more than in the beginning. It just seems at times that the protesters are just looking for an oppurtunity to claim brutality, or act like they are standing up for something. The author of this article was at a camp,"when I dropped by the park, about 20 people, including some who looked disheveled and homeless, shared food and barely listened to a speaker with a graying ponytail who denounced New York as an “illegitimate police state.” These people do not seem like they care what the message is. But when the oppurtunity arises to stand against police, they are steady on their feet. I am with what the protesters are fighting for, just seems at times their goals are elsewhere. I believe this can be handled differently, or at least ought to be. Will the protesters message accomplish anything? Only time can tell.

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