Saturday, November 19, 2011

Remember Ethics when Writing

Chapter 9 talks about Developing an Effective Style. There are 2 items which caught me attention: Adapting sentences for non-english listeners and remebering ethic guidelines. When we speak to an audience, have a coversation with others or write a paper we must always keep in mind who our audience is. The Untied States is a diverse area. There are many different origins, religions and languages. When we write or speak to others we must keep in mind that they may not understand some of the words we use. Using ethics when we write is important so everybody can understand what is being said. This includes using words that are understandable as well as adapting our writing to other langugaes. Here in the U.S. we use a lot of slang. This slang used is not always familiar to the listener. Try to use words that are common. By doing this, you will get your message across much easier.

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